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Curly Hair and Bridal Styles

So, you are here reading this because you have curly hair and don’t know how to style your hair for your big day?! Well I am here to help you out beauty! But before I dive in and just throw out styles to you, I have to let you in on a little secret….. for your curls to be THE BEST on your wedding day, you have to start prepping them months in advance!

But Jess, what do you mean by “prepping my curls?!” …

You have to start showing your curls love RIGHT NOW! Start using curl enhancement

products! I tell most of my curly hair brides to start using the Curly Girl Method. If you never heard of it, please do your curls a favor and look it up! It is a GAME CHANGER for sure!

Now since I have the prepping part out of the way, we can talk styling! When it comes to curly hair humidity plays the biggest role on how you should style it! Since we are in south Louisiana and the humidity is almost never friendly, I suggest having your hair up! But don’t fret, your curls will still be in tact!

Now, if you come to me and say “Jess, I just can’t wear my hair up because of x, y, z….” that is perfectly okay! We can always throw some curl defining products in it and touch up where needed! But one thing I will say, your hair will grow in the humidity! So as long as you are aware and okay with that, we will style you hair down!

When they’re treated right, curls and texture make the most fabulous Bridal looks! Always aim to enhance the volume and natural texture of the hair by using the correct products and styling tools. Whether your hair is wavy, tightly curled, afro or twisted, emphasize your style and don’t be afraid to stand out.

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