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Below is my most asked questions when booking me. If you have other questions, please feel free to email me at

Booking FAQ

Is there a booking minimum? Yes, for weddings Friday and  Saturday there is a minimum of $500. If you do not have enough services to meet the minimum, the minimum amount still applies.

Do I book more then one wedding a day? Thats going to be a big, fat, NOPE! Girl I am too old to run around doing multiple weddings a day. Plus, I like to really focus on ONE wedding at a time and give YOU all my attention.

Is it okay if I don't know how many services are needed yet? Of course! If you haven't asked your bridesmaids yet and only have an estimate of services, that's okay!  We can book you for the minimum amount and confirm number of services 4 months out. Please be aware that I can only for 8-9 hair services alone. Anything over that will need an assistant which is an additional charge.

Can I make changes to my service numbers after I book? You can always add services but you cannot take any services away once booked.

How much is the deposit? If you are happy with the proposal and would like to secure your wedding date, a $200 non-refundable deposit is required immediately after you’ve signed the contract. This is deducted from your total invoice.

Can I book you to just do my hair and not everyone else's? You can absolutely do that but my minimum booking is still $500 per wedding on Friday and Saturday because I only take one wedding a day. Unless your wedding is between Monday to Thursday, then I can offer $200 for bride only + travel fee if outside of New Orleans.

Hair Trial FAQ

Can I get a trial first then book you? Unfortunately no. However, I understand your concerns which is why I’m inviting you to review my Instagram page to not only see the styles I do but also hear from more brides. My bridal trials are only for clients who have booked and placed a deposit.

When is a good time to book a bridal trial? I recommend doing your bridal hair trial about 3 months from the wedding date. BUT don’t leave it for the last month. With about 12 weeks to go for the wedding, you would have had almost everything locked in. You’ll have a good understanding of how your gown, your makeup, styling for the event will look like, etc., and this helps with choosing the best hairstyle that suits the theme of the wedding and compliments you the most.

How much is a hair trial? The trial is $130 and will be paid on the day of your trial.

Can I try two hairstyles at the trial? If you would like to try out two looks, please get in touch with me so we can organise additional time. Extra cost will apply as I need to allow more time for this appointment.

Where will the trial take place? All hair trials are done on location at your house or hotel. If you live outside New Orleans (Northshore/BR) then an additional travel fee will apply.

Additional FAQ

What extensions do you reccomend? Adding extensions to a look will elevate the hairstyle 100%. The extensions I reccomend and LOVE is They have an awesome color match program that never steered a bride wrong yet! I understand it might not be in everyones budget but if you decide to go another route, please make sure the extensions are 100% human hair.

Do I charge for parking? Yes, parking is added on the brides room if at a hotel. If no hotel parking is available, the bride is responsible for reimburstment.

Is gratuity included? Gratuity is not included & 100% up to the clients discretions.

Do I bring an assistant with me? Assistants are only needed for wedding parties of 10+ OR if you have a shorten getting ready time frame.

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