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1. Shampoo your hair twice the night before.

     - Use salon quality shampoo as it will cleanse your scalp

       from any buildup.

     - Cheap shampoos leave a wax coating on your scalp and hair that can alter the

       way your hair looks on the big day.

​2. Condition your hair.

 * Do not condition your scalp. Your natural oils will take care of that for us. *

     - Start by conditioning the ends and working your way up the hair shaft to the mid-lengths and

       rinse thoroughly!

     - Even if you think it is all out, rinse some more. If there is any leftover conditioner, I will not be able

       to style your hair.

3. Towel dry your hair and use a product:

     - Thick, frizzy and/or dry hair: use a leave in conditioner. My favorite is R&Co Sun Catcher. 

     - Medium to Fine hair: Use a moisturizing detangler to prep your hair. My favorite is R&Co One       

       Prep Spray.

     - For volume: Use a volumizing mouse such as Moroccan Oil Volumizing Mouse. 


4. The blow-dry:

     - if you are good at using a round brush or have a brush dryer. Please use this and dry your hair


     - If you are not good at using a round brush (which is totally okay!) flip your hair over and blowdry. If

       you have natural texture, use a brush to smooth your hair as your blow-dry.

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